Country Travel Discoveries 2017 Discovery Tours Catalog (Final Edition) : Page 68

Experience the 1 29th Tournament of Roses Rose Parade Holiday Escape to an Unforgettable New Year Filled with Pomp and Pageantry Experience the pageantry of the world-famous Tournament of Roses , up close and personal! Let the music echo through your body, the fragrance swirl around you in a way that is palpable and exciting. You’ll be astonished to discover how wholly different the real Rose Parade spectacle is from any televised event. Enjoy amazing street-level access for watching the floats go by and prizewinning bands perform, and even opt to arrive early and help decorate one of the floats yourself! Explore sunny Southern California, visit Hollywood and L.A. hotspots, dine on the Queen Mary and reminisce about a bygone era rich with history, elegance and grandeur. J im Jim Ji m Le L e ue uen u e n ber b ge ger g e r er See the Parade Up CLOSE! r a ad d e a/R os e P ar a d de na Pa P a sa ly ywoo d Holl LOS ANGELES Long Beach CVB Pacific P f Ocean O Long Beach Dine Aboard the Famed Queen Mary Oceanliner a d a I sl an Ca ta li na Start the New Year in Sunny Southern California 68 TRAVEL EXPERIENCES : Personalized, Different, Real | J m Le Jim L e uen n ber b er be r ger g er ge r

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