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S ht Sig h & S oun n d Experience the Sight and Sound Spectacle of Miracle of Christmas Branson Christmas Countdown Bra B Br ra r a nso n so ns o n nL L and a ing an ng n Celebrate the Season in Song, Spectacle and Ozark Country Spirit For its sheer mixture of wholesome, world-class entertainment , shopping, recreation, patriotic spirit and Christmas cheer, few places can match Branson, Missouri decked out for the holidays. From dozens of spectacular theater productions to down-home country music, and brilliant lighting displays this is just the place to kick off an exhilarating holiday season! Catch the spirit in special holiday productions by some of Branson’s biggest acts, from Daniel O’Donnell and the Brett Family to Jimmy Osmond. Plus, Puttin’ on the Ritz, Raiding the Country Vault, Maxine’s Christmas, and more. Visit Festive Branson Landing DAY 1 –SPRINGFIELD WELCOME DINNER Your festive pre-holiday experience begins with an included welcome dinner and reception in Springfield, southwestern Missouri’s largest city, where you will get to know your fellow travelers from across the country. D DAY 2–BRETT FAMILY CHRISTMAS/PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ/ANDY WILLIAMS CHRISTMAS Following a quick trip through beautiful Ozarks Mountain country, your day begins with the first of several memorable Branson performances – the Brett Family Christmas Show . Enjoy the performers’ charisma, energy and intimacy, patriotism, love and the Puttin’ on the Ritz Brett Family Christmas 66 TRAVEL EXPERIENCES: Personalized, Different, Real |

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