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186 7—20 150 Only 1 Year 17 NEW Roc ky k y Mo o unt ain n eer ee er Canada’s Rockies by Rail A Breathtaking Journey from Mountains to Glaciers to the Pacific Coast, Vancouver and Victoria From Calgary to Vancouver Island, some of the world’s most spectacular scenery is only a part of what makes this an extraordinary trip. Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer’s luxuri-ous Gold Leaf rail service, we’re transported through the panoramic Canadian Rockies and magnificent British Columbia to the Pacific Coast. From the exciting and incredibly “green” world city of Vancouver, ferry to Vancouver Island for two evenings in the stately “garden city” of Victoria. Mountains, waterfalls, lakes, oceans, gorges, canyons and UNESCO World Heritage sites are just some of the amazing experiences greeting us around every corner on this super-inclusive, once-in-a-lifetime trip. Enjoy Unspoilt Natural Settings DAY 1—WELCOME TO CALGARY Yeehaw! The western Stampede City of Calgary is strikingly situated within view of the majestic Canadian Rockies. We lasso our group together at our opening “meet your fellow travelers” reception. D DAY 2—STAMPEDE CITY/HERITAGE PARK Stampede City showcases its best today at top attractions including Heritage Park (where friendly and lively costumed interpreters bring Alberta to life) and Gasoline Alley (where the spirit of the 1940s is colorfully displayed in vintage vehicles and petrol pumps). Next, take a thrilling ride up the Calgary Tower for views that extend miles around, including your first glimpse NCOU VER LAK L KE E L OUISE BANFF KA MLOOPS CA LG AR Y VANCO VA V A NCO NCOUVE R ISLAND VAN BRITISH COLUMBIA WASHINGTON ALBERTA MONTANA VICTORIA V VI C TOR CT T O OR RI R IA I A Spend Two Nights in Victoria with a View of its Lovely Inner Harbor 12 TRAVEL EXPERIENCES : Personalized, Different, Real | Roc Ro R oc o c k ky y Mo M o un unt n t a ain n e eer ee er e Ke Ken K en e n Th T h oma o s om ies Gratuit $180 included—a value!

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